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The Village of Middleburgh Board of Trustees will be holding our Monthly and Reorganizational Meeting on Monday, December 4th at 7:00 PM. Village residents may attend in-person at the Middleburgh Library or online via Zoom (link information published below). Below is the Agenda and attached Board Packet.

  1. Mayor open meeting with Pledge of Allegiance at 7:00 PM.
  2. Village Clerk Laraway to Swear-in Mayor Knight.
  3. Mayor Knight to Swear-in Trustees Fernandez, Tinker and Young.
  4. Motion to approve Board Minutes of November 6, 2023.
  5. Motion to approve Reorganizational Appointments.
  6. Fire Chief Gregory Monthly Report: Motion to approve 2023 Dept. Line Officers.
  7. Code Officer Fink Monthly Report:
  8. Superintendent Keyser Monthly Report: General: Community Sign Replacement. Water: Sewer: Motion to amend budget: amount $21,912.00 – G9710.6 (Sewer Bond) to G9710.7 (Bond Interest). Motion to move fund: amount $25,870.97 from G599 (Appropriated Fund Balance) to G9710.7 (Bond Interest) to cover December Bond interest payment.
  9. Motion to create Sidewalk Committee: Mayor Knight, Deputy Mayor Adams, DPW Superintendent Patty Eddy-Beal, and Rich Vilegi.
  10. Motion to approve Resolution #7 Renewing Standard Work Days for Retirement:
  11. Motion to approve Resolution #8 Records of Activities for Retirement:
  12. Motion to approve Resolution #9 Fireman’s Benefit Law:
  13. Motion to set Public Hearing for increase in Water & Sewer Debt Redemption Rates:
  14. Motion to close down Chestnut Lane on Friday, December 8, from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM for Miracle on Main Street Festivities:
  15. Motion to accept Board meeting schedule 2024: Jan 8; Feb 5; March 4; April 8; May 6; June 3; July 1; Aug 5; Sept 9; Oct 7; Nov 4; Dec 2.
  16. Motion to set Public Hearing on Local Law #1 2024: Regulating Short Term Rentals in the Village
  17. Set year end date to close books:
  18. Public Comment: limited to 3 minutes per resident. Any interruptions or outbursts prior to Public Comment may result in offending resident being asked to leave.
  19. Motion to enter Executive Session to discuss ongoing litigation with advice of Village Attorney.
  20. Audit Bills.
  21. Correspondence: 11/1/23 letter Village re: Bonnie Morton resignation; Letter NBT Ins. re: renewal; 11/15/23 letter Tesla Energy re: Cert. Ins.; 11/16/23 letter NBT Ins. re: Policy changes; Letter Schoharie County re: Sales Tax
  22. Adjournment.

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