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The Village of Middleburgh’s sidewalk replacement project for Wells Avenue, Lower Grove Street, and Upper Danforth Avenue was successfully completed earlier this week, as approximately nine hundred feet of residential sidewalk was removed and replaced by the Village’s contractor over the past six weeks with Department of Public Works (DPW) supervision.

“This represents the largest investment by the Village into our residential sidewalks in a decade,” stated Village of Middleburgh Mayor Timothy Knight. He continued, “but this is only the start of what will be a yearslong effort to improve pedestrian infrastructure throughout the entire community.”

Funded through the Village’s Streets Repair Fund, which was established in 2021 by the Village Board, residential and commercial sidewalk improvements are a priority for the municipality. In addition to the aforementioned improvements, the Village Board also appointed a Sidewalk Committee in December to study and report upon Main Street’s sidewalks.

“This coming winter, we will continue consulting with Village DPW Superintendent Cole Kesyer over the next sections of residential sidewalk to replace in Middleburgh,” the mayor commented. He concluded, “I suspect that will be taking a very close look at Clauverwie Road, Railroad Avenue, and Scribner Avenue.”

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