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The Village of Middleburgh is seeking proposals for the replacement of sidewalks in our residential areas, primarily Wells Avenue, Lower Grove Street, and Danforth Avenue. The replacement of these sidewalks will ensure our community remains walkable for residents and visitors alike, while reducing the potential for pedestrian accidents and insurance liability.

Submitted proposals should contain the following information: estimated cost and timeline for sidewalk replacement work for each part of the project (see Parts below), and proposed design and components of sidewalk materials. To schedule a walkthrough of the project site with a Village official, please contact DPW Superintendent Cole Keyser at 518-827-4545. 

Part A: Wells Avenue from Our Lady of the Valley Parsonage to Chestnut Lane

  • 4’ wide by 6” deep monolithic (1 piece). 
  • 1 Blind Detector Tile.
  • 325’ stretch of sidewalk with curb. 

Part B: Wells Avenue from Chestnut Lane to Lower Grove Street 

  • 4’ wide by 6” deep monolithic (1 piece). 
  • 3 Blind Detector Tiles.
  • 395’ stretch of sidewalk with curb (325’ on Wells, 70’ on Lower Grove). 

Part C: Danforth Avenue to Wells Avenue (sidewalk around Fire Department Park)

  • 4’ wide by 6” deep monolithic (1 piece).
  • 2 Blind Detector Tiles.
  • 150’ stretch of sidewalk with no curb.

Per Village Resolution 6-2012 (Procurement Policy), Section 4, Clause F, Paragraph 3, all negotiated sales and purchases with potential values that may exceed $5,000 will be advertised twice in a minimum of two periodicals. Responses to these advertised bids must be made in a written format to the Village Clerk, P.O. Box 789, Middleburgh, NY, 12122. Successful bidders will be required to pay prevailing wage rates on this contract if applicable. 

Proposals must be received by the Village Clerk, P.O. Box 789, Middleburgh, NY, 12122 by Monday, April 1 by 2:00 PM. The Village Board of Trustees reserve the right to reject any and all proposals submitted or to accept any part of any proposal which, in the opinion of the Board, will be in the best interest of the Village of Middleburgh. 

Village Board of Trustees

Village of Middleburgh 

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