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Event Date:
June 13, 2023 at 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Village Municipal Hall,
309 Main Street,

Meeting of the Village Board, held on the second Tuesday of June at 7pm at the Middleburgh Library, 323 Main Street Middleburgh. Village residents may attend in-person at the Library or online via Zoom (link to be published Tuesday morning of meeting).

Village Board Meeting Agenda – June 13, 2023:
1. Deputy Mayor Opens Village Board Meeting with Pledge of Allegiance at 7:00 P.M.
2. Motion to approve Regular Board Minutes of May 1, 2023; Special Board Minutes of May 8, 2023, and May 30, 2023.
2. JMI Consultants Scott McMullen: Energy Contract.
3. Energy Smart Middleburgh (Joan Wissert).
4. Fire Department Chief Gregory Monthly Report:
5. Superintendent’s DPW Monthly Report:
DPW Recognition: Key to the Village.
Streets: Nickerson Avenue & Lawyers Lane; Discuss water retention on Railroad Avenue (Marjorie Troidl).
Water: Sheldon Avenue Water Lines.
Sewer: Motion to approve SUNY Morrisville WWTP Course, and food reimbursement for Cole Keyser.
6. Code Officers Monthly Report:
7. Motion to Open Public Hearing on Fred Risse PDD at 7:30 P.M. – Comments limited to 3 minutes per resident and must pertain to the stated topic of hearing.
8. Pumpkin Patch on Baker Avenue (Trustee Fernandez).
9. NYCLASS Update (Trustee Fernandez).
10. Cemetery Trees Update (Trustee Tinker).
11. Motion to move NBT Savings Accounts to National Bank of Coxsackie Money Market Accounts: Water & Sewer System Repairs; Pool Repairs; & Recreation Commission Donation.
12. Motion to move Savings Accounts to National Bank of Coxsackie Savings Account: Tri-Centennial Fund & Unemployment Reserve Fund.
13. Village Clerk request motion to amend Sewer budget by moving funds to cover WWTP Bond:
Debt Services Principal G9710.6 $41,731.00 to Debt Services Interest G9710.7.
14. Public Comment: limited to 3 minutes per resident. Any interruptions or outbursts prior to Public Comment may result in offending resident being asked to leave.
15. Audit Bills
16. Motion to enter Executive Session to Discuss Current Litigation
17. Adjournment
Correspondence: 5/1/23 letter Nick Dunscombe re: Resignation; Email Records Steep Steel Gov re: cell tower; 5/3/23 letter Town Assessor re: 2 parcels increase; 5/4/23 letter DEC re: SPDES Insp.; Letter Maloy re: Cert Ins.; 5/8/23 letter DOT re: CHIPS; 5/11/23 FOIL Gary Hayes re: Oath Fernandez; 5/12/23 Letter Corelogic re: property tax; Letter NBT Ins. re: refund; 5/15/23 letter Village re: Tn Assessor; 5/22/23 letter Tn Assessor re: response Village letter; 5/26/23 letter County Health re: violation; 5/30/23 letter Charter Comm re: channels;

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